Community Service

$1 US will be donated to the Liberty Home for each ticket sold

Founded in 2004, the Liberty Children’s Home is a residential facility in Belize that provides shelter and care for abused, abandoned and orphaned children. Many of the children have special physical needs, are HIV positive and/or have suffered sexual and physical abuse. The campus of Liberty Children’s Home consists of a series of simple but attractive concrete-dome residential buildings, a beautiful learning center, a library, administrative buildings, organic vegetable gardens and a small farm animal project.

There are children from four years old to age fifteen at Liberty. The number of children residing at Liberty fluctuates – in the past the number fluctuated from 35-42, but due to recent financial cutbacks Liberty is now home to about 23 children at any given time.

Liberty relies on private donations for the bulk of its operational budget. From its inception in 2004 until early 2009, Liberty was funded by a group of donors who were able to provide for all of Liberty’s financial needs. Unfortunately the world economy shifted, and these donors can no longer provide such significant ongoing support.

The Government of Belize has recently stepped in to provide a subvention of $8,000 Belize Dollars ($4,000 US) a month. This is not nearly enough to provide 24 hour staffing, food and medicine for these special needs kids.

Tropic Ferry recently adopted the Ladyville, Belize basketball court.

It is our hope that the children in the community will learn team work and have a place to enjoy themselves!