Belize Water Taxi

Tropic Ferry − The Belize Water Taxi of Choice

When vacationing in Belize, there’s no better way to travel from Belize International Airport to Ambergris Caye than taking the Tropic Ferry water taxi. This high-speed water taxi service is fast, efficient & affordable…

Belize is a booming hot spot for vacationers and a growing retirement haven as well. The country’s Caribbean coastline runs approximately 386 km long and boasts the famous Belize Barrier Reef and the Great Barrier Reef, known to avid scuba divers around the world. Also located right offshore Belize is 450 tropical islets and islands, called cayes.

It’s easy to board a Tropic Ferry water taxi after arriving at the Belize International airport to reach your resort destination, condo, or home. In fact, the water taxi to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye service has become a popular alternative to flying on a small aircraft to get around this region. A Tropic Ferry Belize City water taxi is the best choice, as they go the extra mile to make your experience onboard fun and exciting, from music, to drinks, to breathtaking scenery.

Regardless of which island, reef, or caye you may visit, there are always opportunities for taking adventurous day trips that will be the envy of your friends back home (such as scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, exploring the mysterious Mayan Ruins, or going on a jungle tour complete with zip-lining above the canopy). What better way to get to Ambergris Caye quickly and safely than via a Tropic Ferry Belize water taxi?

As part of your trip planning, be sure to make your water taxi reservation with Tropic Ferry.